Cosima Lux

Cosima Lux

One might call me an optimist, for I do believe one can change the world for the better, one week at a time. I work as a certified nurse midwife who specializes in teens and the underserved. That said, I have also worn the hats of everything from veterinary assistant to historic home restaurateur. And ever since the age of 11, when I began to play with my mom's old olympus, photography has become my pervasive form of creative expression.

Perhaps, that's because I was born in Paris to a family where multi cultural marriages were the norm, curiosity was considered a strength, and all true kinds of inspiration were encouraged and supported. Today, home is Santa Fe New Mexico, but for years has been the south of France, where my family resides on an olive orchard.

I suppose I am just one very lucky mutt, who has about as many interests as a passion fruit tree. And as Haiti has been present in one way or another during many of the turning points of my life, I feel that my work on One Week's Wisdom is a chance to bring that all together and come full circle.

Visual Bio


In the spring of 2004, my photographs were included in a tourism article in Switzerland.


I continued with much portraiture during these years over seas. This shoot was taken in film with my Canon EOS rebel 2000 and Tamron TZ 28/2000.


Upon my return to the US in 2006 I began fostering and muraling and photographing for the Espanola Shelter, allowing me to continue with my ongoing love of animal photography, as in these earlier photographs.



I have also enjoyed focusing on the landscape of the beautiful state I live in, where my photos can be seen in several private collections.



Publications have shown an interest in my work as well; including this pic which will be part of a national campaign.



This spring, I created a photo montage for Studio East in Santa Fe.

Lastly, I am a national Heart Gallery photographer of adoptable children, which has lead me to believe that photographs CAN change lives.