Facts on Haiti

Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere, ranking 146th of 177 in UN's development index.

The infant/child mortality rate under the age of 5 is 8%.

Infant and maternal mortality is the highest in the western hemisphere: The fact that 76% of births are into the hands of non qualified persons contributes greatly.

More than half the country is illiterate. As, although free, other costs are prohibitive - books, uniform, transportation, etc... Only 65% of primary children are enrolled - and only 35% of these will complete primaries.

Of the few Haitians who have money or education - most move abroad.

1 in 8 haitians lives abroad and 8 in every 10 Haitian people live in abject poverty. That leaves few who are not desolate on haitian soil.

Most Haitians live in small, often remote, villages with no electricty, clean water or social services. Unemployment is rampant. Urban slums are perhaps even worse where workers earn about 2$ a day.

Disease can be devastating as medicine prices excedes budgets, even of most clinics.

Life expectancy per the WHO is 43 or 44 (m/f.)

Smiles are somehow still common, but Haiti's youth needs hope. There are many deserving places in the world - but with a mere one week's time - and with not much more than a bit of compassion - I know that we can make a significant change on Haitian lives.