"There can be no happiness if the things we believe in are different than the things that we do." Freya Madeline Stark

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The Mission of One Week's Wisdom Projects is to bring health, happiness and compassion to the women, infants and children of Haiti with everyday activities and services that can bring hope and inspire all of us to a better future. One Week's Wisdom Projects is focused on taking US and Intl. volunteers to Haiti to interact with women, infants, and youth though 3 one-week programs: offering medical services and education, an art workshop, and a sports clinic.

The goal of these programs is to impact the lives of all those of who participate, by altering the role of compassion for others in our own lives. Later, each participant will be offered the opportunity to discuss how these individual acts of compassion affected them or others in their lives.

As well as a forum with the Santa Fe community, all of these projects, along with the comments of all the participants, will be captured on film and still photo and made available to the general public in the form of a documentary.

Additionally, One Week's Wisdom will highlight programs and individuals currently doing good work in Haiti. The documentary can also awaken others, beyond the participants, to the plight of Haitians today and demonstrate how important it is to begin to make a difference. Lastly, One Week's Wisdom, the documentary hopes to encourage others to take part in similar experiences, where compassion can begin to change the world for the better - one week at a time.