The Early Years


I discovered my love for documentary photography when I was my assigned as my class' photographer in Prague (Lycee intl - Le Pecq) and then again in West/East Berlin (Tegernsee Gymnasium) in 1989. Both the urban exploration and cultural clashes fascinated me. After being my yearbook's photographer and editor, I later showed a series of my prints focusing on intercity school children at my university in Los Angeles - and to this day, children remain my favorite subjects. In 1994, Tufts magazine allowed me to claim the status of published photographer. Then, two years later, Dr. M Green used some of my photographs in her whale research study; after which I became a regular photographer for friends' portraiture, weddings, births etc. In 2000, I was hired by General Hospital in Eureka CA to create a brochure for their new birth center. That same year, I worked on a personal photography project, the 'stones and souls of Turkey.' With the millennium came my slow and only partial transition to digital photography.