Teen art mural project


Cosima, La Pallarea 1994

The Muraling program is a chance for an amazing cross-cultural experience between underprivileged Haitian and American youth. Our on the ground Haitian partner is Susan Scott Krabacher's organization Haiti Children. They are the ideal partner for us to be working with as they have a long history of relief work with youth in Haiti, a well developed infrastructure, a brand new campus, and the founder's personal history of troubled youth and followed story of success.

Our Mural's setting will be at Williamson where several orphans will be able to participate in the mural project. We are proud to say that they are very protective of their children. It is a big step for this project to be allowed on the Williamson campus, and it will hopefully develop into a long-term partnership, in which one American teen will return with the following group as special project leader. Such an experience would bring the impact of OWWP to a whole new level.

For our current pilot project, Jenn Costas, renowned mural artist, and I will lead the Haitian and New Mexican youth in working towards the common goal of muraling at the k-6 school. And while interpreters will be on hand, it is well known that art needs no translation.

The Haiti Children goal is to eventually open the campus to children of surrounding villages and allow for community integration. This compliments our own vision for the Muraling project - as upon our return to NM, the participating youth will be asked to help educate the community on the work they did and how it impacted their lives. Our goal there is not only to awaken New Mexico to the plight of Haitians, but to foster the concept that one week's contribution can change the outcome of one's life by instilling hope, both here and in Haiti.The results of our fundraising will determine how many teens will participate from the US end - it is currently budgeted at 5 to 8, with an equivalent number in Haiti, as the core team (others may join small project pieces as we hope to involve campus' younger children to identify it as their project as well!) All involved youth from the US are being carefully selected - this includes nomination by one of the involved programs*, education about Haiti, a day of team building activities, an invitation to include family in the educational process and even some Creole. They may or may not already be artists, much like the orphans selected by Mercy Sharing in Haiti. But it is the sense of worth they have completing a challenge together, that will open their eyes to a whole new world.

Having teens on One Week Wisdom Projects enlarges the audience to whom the message of compassion is communicated, simply because the lives of these Haitian and NM youth lies ahead of them. In much the same way, the experience gained and the cross cultural and economic barriers that will be broken, creates enormous potential for children who may not have been offered that before or ever again.

If you are able to contribute and prefer to do so in kind or specifically to this project please contact Jenn or Cosima or visit our "how you can help' page for a direct online link. Thank you, your donation will allow for these youth to see the world through a new lens and have a whole lifetime ahead of them to affect the world positively.