Hinche OB clinic and rural midwives education


In February 2010 Health care professionals will continue a 6 month long training of rural women, that is offered in individual one week sessions. Health care professionals who entered a profession full of hope and faith often are turned from questioning by the mere nature of their work. And yet these volunteer providers are asked not only to provide services, but also to trust in the local women they are teaching. This empowers the women to practice their new knowledge and return eager to continue the program. Upon its completion, these young women are ready to practice basic prevention, some pregnancy management, and look for early signs of complications to avoid catastrophic outcomes that currently dominate the maternity scene in Haiti. It is the educational component that makes this program more sustainable and successful than many other medical programs in Haiti today.

Those interested in serving in a place like Hinche, Haiti, are willingly stepping outside of their comfort zone. The fact that upon their return these medical providers are brought into the intimate lives of others very different from themselves, will allow for compassion to grow in their care at the workplace and beyond. On the Haitian side, compassionate women who previously had no ability to significantly impact the lives of those surrounding them; will be able to save the lives of women and infants, communicate basic family planning, and help other women and their existing families towards better health.

Your support is greatly appreciated. The successful continuation of the program depends on providers offering their time as well as your tax deductible contributions in cash or kind. If you are interested in this program specifically please contact Cosima or Thamy otherwise please view our 'how you can help' page for an online link.Please know that you are truly changing the future of Haiti's families. Thank you.